Muslim Researcher Urges Sikhs To Explore The Deep Roots Of Sikh History In Pakistan

Sikh followers have been suggested by a Muslim young researcher based in Pakistan that Sikhs shouldn’t limit their Pakistan visit till the “Gurudwara” but urge to discover the deep-rooted history of their community.

Muslim Researcher Urges Sikhs To Explore The Deep Roots Of Sikh History In Pakistan

Jahandad Khan from the province of Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the young researcher from North-Eastern region in a media interaction mentions that Pakistan is not just for the Gurudwara and Guru Nanak sites but has the prestigious history of the Sikh community. He further explains that the Sikhs show unveil and understand the history rather than just visiting Pakistan for the two prominent sites like “Nankana Sahib” and “Panja Sahib”.

The 26-year-old Jahandad explaining on the issue further mentions that Sikhs world widely known as fighters have history beyond fighting. The glorious past of Sikh has also marked impeccable builders by building forts, infrastructure setups and battlefields. From the Sikh representation of Islam and Hinduism in Fresco, we can understand the openness in their though-process.

The young researcher’s efforts in unveiling the great history of Sikh have been recognized with an award by Washington’s GGSF (Guru Gobind Singh Foundation). He further states that Hari Singh Nalwa the Sikh legend is an ideal and inspiration. Jahandad curiously studied and researched about Hari to understand his own identity and later released that his family and ancestors connected to great legends of Sikh like Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Hari Singh Nalwa, and others.

Rajwant Singh, the secretary of GGSF (Guru Gobind Singh Foundation) explains that the efforts and passion of Khan really impressed them and that they are glad to know that the researcher is driving to spread awareness amongst the youth about the glory and legends of Sikh in Hazara region of Pakistan. He further commented that Khan’s research should be supported as his efforts are based on Hari Singh Nalwa and the legend is a great example of creating a better environment, especially in today’s scenario. The entire world has a lot to gain knowledge from Hari’s life while the major Sikh foundations or firms should recognize Khan’s efforts.


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