An Opportunist Hindu—Yeddyurappa’s Comments on Rahul Gandhi

Yeddyurappa’s confident speech about winning the elections at Karnataka based on the development goals of PM Narendra Modi.

An Opportunist Hindu—Yeddyurappa’s Comments on Rahul Gandhi

One of the most popular leaders among the masses, Yeddyurappa is going through a large Karnataka tour on the eve of the elections. On the 75th day of the tour, which was on January 21, 2018, this South Indian leader for BJP entered his local district, Mandya. The meeting seems to have been a huge success with a mass gathering of 15,000 people. This public meet at Yeddyurappa’s birth place, KR Pete was supported by such a huge mass because most of his supporters believe this is going to be his last attempt to be in power.

The next day also proved busy for the leader with 3 meetings at Melukote, Pandavapura and Srirangapatna. These places had moderate gatherings unlike the one held at his birthplace. Yeddyurappa assured the loyal party workers for BJP that the party is committed to safeguard the Gowda fortress and that they are going to protect this land of Sugar Mandya.

By January 19, this important leader of BJP have already toured 203 assembly constituencies which are located around 28 districts. This is one of the largest trips by him and this is going to end by January 25, 2018, at Mysore, Karnataka.

He explained his agenda stating that it is based on the development strategy framed by Narendra Modi and is based on his 3 and a half years rule and the party’s 5 and a half year’s rule in the state.

He also attacked Rahul Gandhi, describing him as a fake Hindu who is reminded of his religion just during the elections; Rahul Gandhi is going to be in the state for temple tours in the upcoming weeks and this statement was said in regards to this tour of the Congress leader.

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