Public Transport A Key Factor For 2nd Amazon Headquarter

Amazon shortlisted 20 cities for its second headquarters and will soon give out a name. As per a spokesperson of the company, he said that the decision will be made on the basis of:


To make sure a supply of highly talented employment in the upcoming time, Amazon claimed in its request for initiatives that a sturdy university network is needed. Some of the cities on the list can accomplish that requirement, claimed the industry analysts, with the likely exemption of Indianapolis. Columbus is the house of Ohio State, while Nashville is gifted with Vanderbilt. Pittsburgh consists of Carnegie Mellon, which shelters top programs on robotics and artificial intelligence.

Public Transport A Key Factor For 2nd Amazon Headquarter


One factor Indianapolis does have going for it, the media noted, is that residents of the city lately accepted an extra tax to invest billions of dollars into light rail and buses. Most of the other companies have huge public transport systems, claimed a managing director at BDO Consulting, Tom Stringer, to the media in an interview. Stringer leads the site selection practice of the firm. An international and large airport within 45 Minutes is also important, specifically for recurrent flights to Seattle and further than that. That might be a barrier for small cities such as Indianapolis, Columbus, and Pittsburgh.


It will not all rely on objective basis, to be certain. Newark might very well have made a spot in the list at least partially since the state of New Jersey and Newark provided $7 Billion in other incentives as well as tax breaks. “They are not a 0.5 Trillion dollar firm for nothing, and they are going to witness what they can take out,” claimed a spokesperson of the company. The only city situated out of the U.S. and to make to the list, Toronto, has claimed that it will not provide any other subsidies or tax breaks.

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