R. P. Singh Joint Director Of Minority Welfare Ousted

The government of Yogi Adityanath announced that a top rank Haj committee member in Uttar Pradesh has been expelled from his position due to his decision of re-coloring the saffron-painted walls of the complex’s boundary.

R. P. Singh Joint Director Of Minority Welfare Ousted

R. P. Singh was the joint director of the minority welfare directorate and took a decision of painting the wall of Haj, which was already painted on 5 January 2018. Due to this action, he was removed from the additional post of secretary of UP Haj Committee, with immediate effect.

Since the central government had decided to withdraw the entire subsidy offered to the Haj from this year, the aforementioned decision was taken.

Mohsin Raza, minister for state minorities said that the saffron coat paint will be issued to Mr. Singh.

A 7-point notice was issued against the official that mentioned, there was no need to re-paint the walls with saffron when it was already painted. Moreover, who authorized him to take such a decision? The cost of the second layer of the paint is also a matter of concern. Hence, the committee took the decision to discard him from the said post.

Saffron is the favorite color of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath. His love for the color is reflected in the government buildings as well as the public transport of the state. Raza, a former cricketer, also added that the saffron is color that enlightens the lives with energy and positivity. However, the change in color was not accepted wholeheartedly by the leaders of the Muslim community.

The state secretariat or the office complex of the CM was colored with saffron, which initiated the trail of coloring the building with the same. Qaiser Bagh police station of Lucknow, the state capital, was also colored with bright saffron.

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