Rima Kallingal, The Malayalam Actor, Asks For An Answer On Treatment Of Women In Films

Rima Kallingal, the prominent actor of Malayalam in her current “TedX Talk” at Thiruvananthapuram, questioned as well as spoke about the sexual inequality treatment in the glamorous film industry.

Rima Kallingal, The Malayalam Actor, Asks For An Answer On Treatment Of Women In Films

TedX Talks that recently took place at Thiruvananthapuram was honored with the presence of Rima Kallingal, the Malayalam actress, and also one of the founding member of WCC (Women Cinema Collective) in which she boldly raised questions about women being treated as sheer props in Malayalam movies while also pointed out the internal treatment towards women in the film industry. Not just the film industry but women at an early age grow up with certain misconceptions, which continue for life while allowing them to accept the ill-treatment what comes their way in their career.

She also mentions that the male celebs are given an upper-hand for exploring all the possible chances to shape their career while also experiment with various roles as an actor. On the other hand, actresses are made to believe that they have a very limited and age-restricted career opportunity in the film industry which has immense effects on the decision that women take for their personal life. The internal sexual inequality in the film industry takes a toll on the female actors divorced or married life, as there is a common perception in the industry that they might not look as beautiful as they were before marriage.

Kallingal bravely takes a stand while questions with a sarcastic applaud for providing career opportunities for male actors even if they are married but women aren’t considered. Continuing her talk, she also raised the case of molestation with a Malayalam actress in the year 2017. She believes that currently women are not considered to be assigned to substantial roles.

The Malayalam actress reviving about the incidence as child states that not only does the film industry has a discriminated approach towards women but the irony is women are meant to believe that they are submissive to the male which needs to be changed in our society.


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