RSS Hit Rahul Gandhi Following His Remarks On Women’s Role In RSS

Rahul Gandhi was hit back by both the RSS and BJP for his snide remarks on those women who are under the RSS. Currently, the three states of the North-East; Nagaland, Tripura, and Meghalaya are about to face election. During his stop at Shillong, he claimed that RSS is nothing but an organization that is empowered by the concept of women disempowerment.

RSS Hit Rahul Gandhi Following His Remarks On Women’s Role In RSS

In order to respond to the statement given by Rahul Gandhi, a spokesperson from RSS, Ranjib Sharma stated that RSS truly believes men and women to be equal and further compared them with the railway tracks. He clearly mentioned that a train can never run on a single track and needs both the tracks to work perfectly well in order to enjoy a smooth journey. He added that the Indian women have been leading the society for a long period of time and blamed Gandhi of ignorance for his insensible speech.

Sharma further claimed that the women wing of RSS, Rashtra Sevika Samiti, include the largest group of women volunteers across the world. They work to empower the Hindu women and have been continuing to do so since it was found.

The response came mere hours after the speech was accomplished by Rahul Gandhi. He addressed the people at St. Edmund’s College, which is located in Shillong.

Intense reactions were showered from the end of BJP wing of Meghalaya. It took the help of Twitter to express its anger towards the statement. The General Secretary of BJP, Ram Madhav said that he felt tremendously insulted due to the introduction of Bapu’s legacy on the comment. He further stated that Gandhi had diminished the Physical closeness to the senior leaders. He addressed the entire Congress party of insulting the matrilineal society based in Meghalaya.

The leader of Congress further claimed that RSS and BJP were taking an attempt to weaken the culture, lifestyle, and language of the people across India, especially in the North-East.

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