Saw North Korean ICMB from Hong Kong Flight- US State Secretary

Rex Tillerson refuses to inform the flight name, which witnessed the balletic missile launch of North Korea.

A San Francisco- Hong Kong flight witnessed the launch of a North Korean ballistic missile in November 2017. This mission has been termed as a reflection of recklessness of Kim Jong Un’s rule by US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

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The Federal Aviation Administration went ahead to state that the flight was just within 280 nautical miles when the missile was launched and there were 9 other flights within the same area when it took place. According to the US Department of Defense, there were almost 716 flights planned on the same day which were supposed to pass the region where the missile was launched.

On November 28 of 2017 passengers of a certain flight heading towards Hong Kong saw parts of a North Korean ICBM flying through the sky. Tillerson neither revealed the name of the flight nor what the flight did after seeing the missile, that is whether it had to change its path or not.

As per news, the missile flew for almost 53 minutes and most probably reached a height of 4,000 kilometers or 2,500 miles before submersing in water; the missile landed in the waters at about 155 miles northwest of Japan. According to James Mattis, the secretary of defense the missile flew higher than any other North Korean missile had flew in the past.

Besides expressing concern about North Korea’s rising interest in strengthening its arms and ammunitions, Tillerson also informed the issues that commercial flights of any nationality may face due to these uninformed launches; the speech was made on Tuesday.

The Cathay Pacific Flight893, which was flying from San Francisco, is supposed to have seen the missile and the crew members informed Japanese air control division about the same. The same was also informed by the Korean Air crew but none of the crafts changed their routes or are planning to change their routes due to this.

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