Shilpa Shinde in Salman’s Good Books, Offered Legal Help

The winner of Big Boss 11, Shilpa Shinde is now in the host, Salman’s good books. The Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai actress has been facing legal troubles since 2016 and she quit the show due to difference in opinion of the show runners and production team.

Shilpa Shinde in Salman’s Good Books, Offered Legal Help

Salman Khan has been seen defending Shilpa in the weekend episodes when the other team members in the house went against her and also he has offered to help her with her legal cases.

Shilpa mentioned after winning the show, that Salman asked her if she needs any legal help. But she said to the host that all her legal troubles have ended to which Salman added that if she ever faced any legal issues, he would definitely help her out. Also, she added that Salman asked her to detail out what exactly happened, to which Shilpa said that Vikas not fully responsible for her quitting the show.

Shilpa has also stated to media that while she was going through the troubled phase and she was not allowed in any TV shows, people suggested her to take Salman’s help because this renowned host and actor is known to lend out his hand to help others. But by then, she had already realized that while helping others, these resourceful actors and big shots tend to take advantage of the person in need badly and misuse their name and honor, especially if it’s a woman seeking help!

On winning the show, Shilpa in her interview has mentioned that she does not wish to work in TV industry anymore owing to the misbehavior and ill treatment she faced from the small screen despite working and being a household name for several years. As per reports, she had also filed a complaint of sexual harassment against one of the producers of the show, Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai. Vikas Gupta, one of the producers of the same show is the second runner up of Big Boss 11.

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