US Brace For Second Winter Storm, Flights Cancelled

The airlines reported on Tuesday that a second winter storm is causing hundreds of flight cancellations across the United States. The second winter storm possibly is a further blow to carriers’ first quarter positions. The airlines who had already have cancelled all its flights in Wednesday in expectation of difficult conditions as the storm sweeps across the southeast Texas and up the East Coast discarding snow, sleet and freezing rain.

US Brace For Second Winter Storm, Flights Cancelled

The report further stated that the world’s largest airline of passenger traffic, American Airlines as a result of the storm, had also cancelled some 270 flights between Tuesday and Wednesday. Also, the world number two USA carrier of passenger traffic, Rival Delta Air Lines also stated that it had cancelled about 275 Tuesday flights and they expect additional cancellations in New York and Boston as the storm pursued north.

The United Airlines, which is the third-largest U.S. carrier, also said it had annulled more than 700 flights on Tuesday. United Airlines was also offering to relinquish fees for the changes to flights to and from the important routes of Boston, New York, Philadelphia and other affected airports that were scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday flights.

The second storm itself is comparatively minor when compared with other winter weather storms and several hundred flights signify only just a tiny percentage of US airlines’ overall operations. But then again, such storms are still a pain to the airline carriers and can cost them millions of dollars and loss in major financial revenue.

Earlier, a gigantic winter storm at the onset of the year 2018 also caused thousands of airlines carrier to cancel their flights because of the several inches of snow and ice paralyzed the U.S. Northeast coast and forced the airlines for the closure of some of that region’s biggest airports.

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