Childproof Smartphones... New Algorithm Identifies Swiping By Kids

Most parents today find it tough to keep their smartphones out of their children’s reach as locking apps and screen can get tedious if they want to use an app in a hurry. To reduce this perennial problem faced by parents around the globe, researchers from South Carolina University and China’s Zhejiang University have developed an innovative algorithm that can detect if a child is swiping a phone screen and

Compensate Farmer’s Income Instead Of Waiving Loans—SBI

While replying to his Budget speech last week Finance Minister Arun Jaitley informed that while calculating the crop price for a farmer not only the original cost incurred to produce the crop will be taken into consideration but also the cost of labor involved in the complete farming process will be considered. This additional support is being given by the government and the price of crops can go up to

Muslim Board Accuses BJP Of Using Divide And Rule Policy

The all-powerful body of Muslims in India, All India Muslim Personal Law Board or AIMPLB has leveled strong accusations on the ruling BJP government of trying to break the unity with its members. At its 26th plenary that concluded this Sunday, the board passed a declaration stating that some government groups and individuals were trying to create divisions within the board members with vested interests. The “Hyderabad Declaration” passed within

Pakoda Vendors Can Have A Flourishing Business—Anadiben Patel

Madhya Pradesh governor Anandiben Patel made this comment when the central government and the opposition went into a battle of words regarding a comment made by the Prime Minister. The governor of Madhya Pradesh, Anandiben Patel decided to intervene into the ‘pakoda’ debate raised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the eve of the state elections at Madhya Pradesh, PM Narendra Modi made a comment that it is better to

Yashwant Sinha Won’t Quit BJP, Unless The Party Takes Action

Rebellious Yashwant Sinha, the BJP leader said on Tuesday that he doesn’t want to quit the Bharatiya Janata Party; however, he also added that the party has full liberty to expel him from BJP, anytime it wishes. Sinha set up Rashtra Manch, a political action committee that would go against the erroneous policies of the Centre. He said that he wrote several letter to the Prime Minister earlier, but didn’t

All You Wanted To Know About LTCG On Mutual Funds And Stocks

The budget announcement of LTCG had raised several questions and confusion in the minds of people. Here, LTCG is simplified for the benefit of the people. Under the Finance Bill 2018, long term capital gains will be chargeable on equity shares of listed companies, unit of equity based fund or of a business trust if they are in possession of the buyer for at least twelve months from the acquisition

Modi, Trump On Phone, Discuss Rohingya, Maldives and North Korea

According to a recent White House release, PM Narendra Modi had a long telephonic chat with U.S. President Donald this Thursday, during which both heads of state discussed the current Maldivian political crisis, ongoing war in Afghanistan and the plight of Myanmar’s Rohingya refugees. The current US President wants to deepen ties with India to strike a balance with China’s aggressive posturing in Asia by building trade links via transport

RSS Hit Rahul Gandhi Following His Remarks On Women’s Role In RSS

Rahul Gandhi was hit back by both the RSS and BJP for his snide remarks on those women who are under the RSS. Currently, the three states of the North-East; Nagaland, Tripura, and Meghalaya are about to face election. During his stop at Shillong, he claimed that RSS is nothing but an organization that is empowered by the concept of women disempowerment. In order to respond to the statement given

First Of Its Kind Underground Metro Corridor For Mumbai

A huge man-force has been quietly digging a tunnel of about 100 feet underground for the Metro-3 corridor. Till now, 220 meters of the 33.5 km-long corridor, connecting Colaba to SEEPZ has been dug up with the help of boring machines. The metro would make halts at 27 stations, out of which 26 will be underground. The corridor is expected to pass around 2,000 buildings and would be more of

An Opportunist Hindu—Yeddyurappa’s Comments on Rahul Gandhi

Yeddyurappa’s confident speech about winning the elections at Karnataka based on the development goals of PM Narendra Modi. One of the most popular leaders among the masses, Yeddyurappa is going through a large Karnataka tour on the eve of the elections. On the 75th day of the tour, which was on January 21, 2018, this South Indian leader for BJP entered his local district, Mandya. The meeting seems to have