Latest High-sensitivity Blood Test Helps in Promptly Ruling Out Heart Attack

Researchers at the University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center revealed a new test to check if a patient arrived at the hospital’s emergency room is having symptoms of a heart attack. They claimed that the latest blood testing technology is safe & effective and can rule out the possibility of a heart attack in emergency-room-patients quicker than a traditional method. The latest research is available in the journal Circulation.

The latest high sensitivity test for detection of a specific protein called cardiac troponin is performed in a hospital emergency room. It is found to be a secured as well as efficient method. When patients (admitted to the hospital’s emergency rooms) show symptoms of heart attack, doctors check them by using a cardiac troponin test. This test measures a protein that is released into the patient’s blood when their heart is damaged.

Rebecca Vigen, M.D., M.S.C.S., Cardiologist at the University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, was the lead author of the recent research. She proclaimed that the doctor’s team successfully noted all heart attacks with the help of the latest test. A high-sensitivity troponin test is currently used in Europe. Recently, the United States Food and Drug Administration also approved its use.

On a similar note, researchers revealed that female patients suffering from heart attacks tend to experience more than 30% longer waiting period, from their onset of symptoms to their hospital arrival, than men. The study also pointed out that the female patients also have more than 20% longer time from their hospital arrival to the cardiac intervention if compared to men.

Researchers concluded that a cardiovascular disease with much longer wait times is the most important reason for death in women. Puja Parikh, MD, MPH, was the co-author of the recent study.