Scientist Perplexed With Strange Rogue “Planet” With Stunning Auroras

A planet-size, rogue entity around 20 light-years distant from the Earth has bewildered astronomers with its unbelievably strong magnetic field.

The researchers discovered that the magnetic field of the object is over 200x powerful than Jupiter’s, that, in turn, is between 16 and 54x powerful than Earth’s, as per NASA. However, it is not clear how the object—that researchers referred as SIMP J01365663+0933473—can retain a magnetic field so powerful and also produce stunning auroras.

Melodie Kao, the lead study author, said, “This specific entity is exhilarating as examining its magnetic dynamo mechanisms can provide us new understanding on how the similar sort of mechanisms can work in extrasolar planets—the planets further than our solar system.”

And it’s not merely the magnetic mechanism that is raising questions at present—there are several other secrecies regarding the entity, which researchers first found in 2016. The entity is what researchers refer as a brown dwarf. Dubbed “failed stars,” the brown dwarfs are bigger than planets, however, not quite big enough to combine hydrogen, as stars do. The borderline is still pondered, but researchers tend to sketch it at around 13x of Jupiter’s mass.

Initially, researchers deemed SIMP J01365663+0933473 was an enormous, old brown dwarf. However, further research demonstrated that it is rather comparatively young, around 200 million years old, and is merely 12.7x Jupiter’s mass. That study also demonstrated that the planet is on its own, not revolving around a star.

Scientists are mainly thrilled by the new study as it depends partly on radio observations of the auroras of the object—which implies that radio telescopes might be capable of detecting a new planet by their aurora.

On the other end, a new radio telescope positioned in Canada recently recorded a bizarre gesture from deep space. CHIME, or the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment, is situated in British Columbia and supervises for signals coming from the outer space.

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