Facebook Might Host Singing Contests In Near Future

Facebook might begin hosting singing contests amongst its consumers in the years to come. Consumers will be offered an option to choose a trendy song and then record a clip of them singing the song. The video then requires to be uploaded for evaluation. Facebook might even further permit to challenge other users and allow friends to host signing contests among themselves. On the other hand, this function will supposedly be accessible not for individual profiles and only for admins of Facebook pages.

Facebook has not disclosed its plans formally about the singing contest. This function was disclosed by Jane Manchun Wong (a researcher) that he discovered in the application’s code. “Facebook is operating on Talent Show where consumers can pick a trendy song and present their singing videos for judging. Feels like a cross between Black Mirror’s Fifteen Million Merits and Musically,” Wong wrote on Twitter.

In the meantime, Facebook has launched out a new function dubbed as Watch Party. This function is rolled out for all Facebook Groups all over the world. This function will allow Facebook consumers to watch Facebook videos together in real time. “Once a Watch Party is commenced, users can see videos, recorded or live, and interact with each other in the same moment around the videos,” claims Facebook to the media. The video streams of the Group members will be synced so they can react as well as comment.

In some different news, Facebook has rolled out a new feature in the Instagram application as well as in its own application that will show you how much time you have invested in both the apps. The feature dubbed as Activity Dashboard comes in addition with an everyday reminder functionality and a new method to restrict notifications.

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