WhatsApp Is Developing Its Team In India

WhatsApp has told the government that it is developing a domestic team, which comprises hiring of India head. This comes as fraction of measures to check circulation of false news but has not met the major requirement of verifying message originators, as per official sources.

The well-liked messaging app is below pressure over mistreatment of its platform for fake news circulation that has provoked mob fury. The IT ministry executive claimed that WhatsApp has answered to the notice sent by government, outlining programs being taken to stop circulation of fake news comprising advocacy & education efforts.

It is also developing an India-located team, the executive claimed to the media in an interview. The firm noted that the actions do not meet the expectations of the government on traceability and acknowledgment of such texts. On its end, WhatsApp has claimed that message acknowledgment will undermine the “private” nature of the service, and leave it defenseless possibly to grave misuse, claimed a company executive to the media in an interview.

When contacted, a spokesperson of WhatsApp claimed: “To support our consumers in India and carry on our investment in the nation, it is our leading priority to appoint a local head who can assist us develop a team on the turf.”

The two senior leadership jobs that are presently open for India are Head of Policy and Head of India. “People depend on WhatsApp for all types of private chats, comprising with their banks, doctors, and families. The police also employ WhatsApp to report crimes and talk about investigations.”

On a related note, firms that wish to offer “non-promotional” data such as event tickets, parcel tracking updates, and boarding passes via WhatsApp will be charged a small fee per message in exchange for verification that their text has been read, as per the firm.