Skin-Akin Electronic Tattoos Can Supervise Health

Chinese researchers have designed skin-akin electronic tattoos, which can be employed to observe health parameters such as body temperature and blood pressure in real time. The graphene-supported electronic tattoo designed by researchers in China from Tsinghua University can be effortlessly transferred onto different surfaces such as leaves, the human skin, and silk.

Being a super thin substance with outstanding conductivity and flexibility, graphene is a perfect substance for electronic skin, scientists claimed. It can also be equipped to throats and masks to calculate body signals such as heartbeat, breathing, and voice, as per the research posted in the ACS Nano journal.

The electronic skin shows long-term stability and high sensitivity. It is comfortable to wear and can resist higher temperatures, the media claimed. With the help of laser scribing tech, the pattern of the graphene-supported electronic skin can be personalized. This is a function that will assist future commercialization. The electronic skin has great chances in intelligent systems and health care, researchers claimed.

Speaking of tech used in health industry, Smartron earlier rolled out its first wearable device dubbed as the tband for a price tag of Rs 4,999. The device monitors blood pressure and Electrocardiography (ECG) to calculate stress & fatigue levels in addition to overall heart health. The device together with the “thealth” app states to offer consumers an overall “Health Index” score. This score is a mixture of calorie count, activity tracking, fatigue & stress levels, sleeping patterns, as well as heart health and blood pressure.

Apart from BP and ECG monitoring functions, the device comes with the capability of continuously measuring resting heart rate as well as normal heart rate. Apart from this, using basic fitness parameters such as running & steps distance, calorie burn, and sleep tracking, the device highlights efficiency and sleep patterns.