41,000 Affected By Measles In Europe During First 6 Months Of 2018

The World Health Organization has announced that the reports of measles are on an all time high in the European countries. The data suggests that the calamity has affected more than 41000 people in which 37 have succumbed to death. The figures are of the first half of the current year. Previous year, the number of people infected was 23927 and in 2016 it was 5273. According to experts, this rise in figures is pertaining to the decrease in the vaccinations of public against the infection.

The numbers in England during the first quarters are 807. All the European countries have been appealed by the WHO to take appropriate measures. England’s Public Health department said that the cases in England are the result of the outbreaks in the mainland European areas. People from England who visited those places have come back infected with the disease as it is said to spread by sneezes and coughs. The infection cures in a span of seven to ten days. Mostly, the patients are recovered completely but in some cases it may result in some serious altercations. These complications are inflammation of the brain, pneumonia, meningitis, infection ion the liver and febrile convulsions.

The vaccine for measles is said to be effective against prevention of the infection but some unproved research which dates back to 20 years showed that the vaccine may be the reason for autism. This fear has stalled many people from using the MMR vaccine and thus resulting in the increase of measles cases. According to NHS, all the children should be given the vaccine at the time of their first birthday and one more time when they start school.

Among the European countries which have been affected the most, Ukraine and Siberia tops the chart. The WHO says that it is the responsibility of each country to educate its citizens about the importance of vaccines to make them safe.