Microsoft’s Windows Phone Continues To Move Slowly Towards Its End By 2019

It would be painful to see Windows Phone go by this year end. Microsoft has already admitted last year that it will no longer provide any new hardware system and features working on its Windows Operating System. Using this death sentence, the company will slowly lead Windows Phone towards its demise. Microsoft announced on Monday that it will not accept any new application submissions of Windows 8.0 and Windows 8.1 Phones or the earlier versions from October 31 onwards. Later on, from July 1, 2019, it will stop providing the app updates for Windows 8.x Phone or the prior devices.

Microsoft officials said that the company will continue to provide app updates for Windows10 devices like tablets and PCs because it is easy to install apps from different sources on Windows PC. But the company doesn’t mention anything related to the updates available for Windows Phones having Windows 10 OS. The Windows10 Mobile was developed in January 2015, as OS for tablets and smartphones using ARM architecture. As the company has denied providing new updates or apps, it is a kind of another nail hammered into the coffin of Windows Phone.

The Windows Phone category is evaluated to have a market share of 3.9% in the category of global Smartphone manufacturer during its great successful period of 2013. Though this number sounds to be very few, it has put itself in the third place after Android and iOS. The market share of Android was about 75.9% & of iOS was 16.9% at that time. After the vanishing of Windows Phone, both iOS and Android will be the only options left for the customers. Although Microsoft has lost this battle, it has started to fight for the customer base to have a Microsoft Account along the Apple or Google Accounts which are needed for the basic OS functionalities.