EPA Discloses That Latest Emissions Plan Might Cause 1,400 Premature Deaths Per Year

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently disclosed its plan for the latest emission guidelines. According to the latest plan, the EPA openly accepted that this plan might be responsible for causing about 1,400 added untimely causalities per year.

EPA recently released a 289-sheet report. This report gives detailed information on the impact of the Trump administration’s Affordable Clean Energy rule. In the latest report, the EPA has acknowledged that the projected plan is estimated to intensify carbon dioxide emissions. It also states that this plan will amplify the emissions level of specific pollutants in the environment. These pollutants are responsible for adversely affecting the human health.

According to the EPA’s own analysis, the report demonstrates that the probable result of the latest rule would lead to about 470–1,400 added untimely casualties per year by 2030. The EPA’s statistics highlight that the rise in pollutants is also supposed to cause up to 96,000 additional cases of intensified asthma by 2030. The report adds that numerous health issues related with the air pollution might lead to about 48,000 missing working days and 140,000 missing school days annually.

On a similar note, earlier, the U.S. EPA announced that the agency is offering the funds to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The EPA will be providing about $240,500 funds that will be utilized to monitor the beach water quality. Latest funds are also intended for the public notification efforts throughout the commonwealth.

Alexandra Dunn, New England Regional Administrator, EPA, proclaimed that the protection of Massachusetts’ beaches is an essential effort. He added that the latest initiative will protect the public health and help in sustaining local economies, particularly in the summer tourism season. Dunn stated that the funding will allow the agency’s associates in Massachusetts to have the equipment and sources they require to satisfactorily examine beach water quality and convey timely information to the public.

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