In an attempt to make its appliances easily workable and smart, LG has declared that it is transporting the support of Google Assistant to 87 of its Wi-Fi linked smart home devices. The voice assistant utilized by billions on their Android handsets will now be getting to various devices all over the line up, comprising dryers and washing machines, ovens, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, air purifiers and many more. All

Ram Temple Ayodhya

The Rajya Sabha MP stated for electoral victory, “It is necessary that the philosophy of Hindutva is by no means lost”. Leading BJP leader Subramanian Swamy few days back said, “Creation of the planned Ram temple in Ayodhya will begin soon and it will be all set to get disciples by coming Diwali.” Obstacles in the way of the planned Ram temple are being detached, Subramanian Swamy stated without intimating.


IMF, International Monetary Fund, says that if India ends subsidy on energy and food, then the Universal Basic Income (UBI) of Rs 2,600 per year can be made available to every person in the country. Since in the recent times, there has been considerable debate over the issue of UBI and it is being tested in many countries. The IMF has considered its prospects for India. However, the calculation of


You might not think that the subject of management and FI (fecal incontinence) sounds very interesting or lucrative, and within stressful and demanding healthcare environments, it is normally last to get the attention. Although healthcare employees do think about these problems, they frequently do not have as much time as they might like to give in management of fecal, and they have had a couple of choices to select from


Abbott came to the conclusion that it will stop the sales of its bioresorbable coronary stent from the Indian markets. The decision was confirmed by National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), the drug pricing supervisory body. The move comes in owing to low sales in the commercial segment. The move also comes despite various regulatory bodies from diverse nations inspecting the scaffolds that are utilized for life-saving medical procedures, in case