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Daniel works as a freelancer with Live Buzz Now. With more than 2 years of experience as a Content Writer, Brian works in the Business department due to his ability to be good with numbers and share market. In his free time, you will always find Daniel staring at the share market news on the television with his elevating heartbeats.

Backstreet Boys Fans Injured As Storm Lashes Oklahoma

In an unfortunate accident in Oklahoma, US, 14 Backstreet Boys Fans got gravely hurt after a metal structure collapsed at the venue of their concert. The incident happened when the rescue workers were evacuating people who had come for the concert. They were hit by a severe storm at the time and the structure at the entrance fell down. They were in the middle of fierce wind and thrashing rain.

Investors Of The MoviePass Launch Lawsuits Against The Company

The MoviePass company which was like a fad witnessed the upside of the success very soon and now witnessing the downside of the failure too early. These subscription-based services for the movie had a disruptive model but lack strategic planning to revive the losses occurred or didn’t have the solid strategy to stay in the market without sustaining a loss. At the initial stage, MoviePass announced that it would charge

SEC Under Pressure To Give A Quick Verdict On Tesla

The electric car automaker giant Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk is under again limelight after when the founder said that he is willing to take the company private and lined up a meeting for the funding with the Saudi Arabian wealth fund. But the current investors are having a doubt over the Elon that he must have broken some rule in dropping the details to erratically and haphazardly to

Apple Investigated For Pressurizing Yahoo In Japan

Apple is being investigated in Japan by the regulatory authorities over the allegations which claim that it has been pressurizing Yahoo to roll back from the gaming platform which competed with that of App Store. The probe is being carried out in an effort to counter the anti-competitive attitude of the American Tech Giants. The industry ministry and the Free Trade Association of Japan have been receiving the reports over

Google Trying To Filter Its Way through To Enter Chinese Market

China, the largest country in the world has blocked the search engine from Google. Now, Google is working on a strategy to re-enter China. A search engine that is censored will be able to do the trick feels Google. Mobvoi Inc uses Google software for its smart speakers and watches. It uses TensorFlow, the free development tools from Google. Mobvoi requires the artificial intelligence from Google to power its product