Jose Brown

Latest High-sensitivity Blood Test Helps in Promptly Ruling Out Heart Attack

Researchers at the University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center revealed a new test to check if a patient arrived at the hospital’s emergency room is having symptoms of a heart attack. They claimed that the latest blood testing technology is safe & effective and can rule out the possibility of a heart attack in emergency-room-patients quicker than a traditional method. The latest research is available in the journal Circulation. The

Trump Administration Relates Gas Mileage To Risk For Drivers

The Trump administration recently proclaimed that the public will be more encouraged to drive their vehicles and will be more exposed to growing hazards if their vehicles are offering good gas mileage. The administration had argued while defending its freezing Obama-era toughening of fuel standards. On the contrary, the transportation specialists demonstrated the difference in their opinions on these arguments. The opinions were enclosed in a draft of the administration’s

Astronauts For Foremost Manned US Mission Named By NASA Since 2011

NASA named 9 astronauts for the foremost manned space lift-offs from US soil since the termination of space shuttle program in 2011. The declaration of National Aeronautics and Space Administration indicates a landmark in the US space program, with its move to the private sector for transporting astronauts and cargo to the ISS. Since the termination of space shuttle program, the NASA has had to depend on Russia to take

Blasting-Off Next Week, Parker Solar Probe Of NASA Will Touch The Sun

The US space agency is on an assignment to “touch” the Sun. The Parker Solar Probe—that is ready for launch on August 11 from Kennedy Space Center—will be the first-ever visit of mankind to our closest star. The unmanned probe “will tour through the atmosphere of Sun, near to its surface than any spaceship prior to it, confronting harsh radiation and heat circumstances—and eventually offering humanity with the nearest-ever examinations

SpaceX Dragon Cargo Spacecraft To Return To Earth From ISS

The SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft, after transporting over 5,900 pounds of supplies and science, is ready to leave the ISS (International Space Station) and come back to Earth. As stated by NASA in a statement, the probe will head off from the ISS, together with important scientific research and dash into the Pacific Ocean. The spacecraft is anticipated to get along over 3,800 pounds of load. This will consist of