25000 Tonnes Of Plastic Waste Daily

Plastic waste is and always has been a source of great concern in the country what with the total tonnage amounting to 25,940 per day. The Union Environment Ministry’s, Minister of State, Dr Mahesh Sharma referred to a study conducted by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in the Lok Sabha in context of plastic waste concern. The study that included a survey of 60 major cities revealed that their total

Prominent Right Activist Sentenced To Rigorous Punishment By China

China on Tuesday sentenced a protuberant rights activist to eight years in jail for subversion. His lawyer said that this is the harshest sentence passed in a government crackdown on activism that began more than two years ago. In another case, the Chinese court trying him said that a rights lawyer avoided criminal punishment despite being found guilty of inciting subversion, because he admitted his crimes. Reuters told that a

What? Aadhaar For Facebook Too?

Facebook has recently started to test the use of Aadhaar as an instance to inspire the new users in India to use their real names on its site. The new move is aimed at shortening the number of fake accounts on the social media platform that has over two hundred forty-one million users in the country, thus, making India the second largest market for Facebook after the US. Facebook’s mobile

UAE Gets Ready For A Spy Empire

The USA is stretching its hands of assistance in order to fulfill the dream of the UAE to build a top-notch spycraft agency. The Spycraft Empire is constructed near the northeastern Zayed Port, Abu Dhabi. The Emiratis will be bestowed with the strategic steps from the westerners that will help succeed in the latest endeavors. The USA’s intelligence officials are teaching the appropriate methods of getting a firm hold on

Trump May Soon Witness Tax Victory

President Trump is close to experiencing his first big legislative victory after almost a year since he took charge. While the House of Representatives voted in favor of $1.5 trillion tax cuts to clear off deficits, a last minute hitch owing to the parliamentary rules has led to the voting in the lower chamber on the revised proposal yet again. It is for the first time in 3 decades that

3 Killed in Washington as a Passenger Train derails

An Amtrak train which on its inaugural run on a faster route from Seattle to Portland, Oregon, derailed on Monday. The passenger cars tumbled from a bridge onto a major highway and killed at least three people and injured about hundred others.Washington State Patrol spokeswoman Brooke Bova said that thirteen of the train’s 14 cars jumped the tracks near the town of DuPont in which seventy-seven passengers and seven crew

Supreme Court Challenges Tamil Nadu Laws For Allowing Bull Taming

The SC (Supreme Court) challenged the laws of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu government for “Jallikattu,” the bull-taming sport for Bullock Cart Racing festival. On Tuesday, the apex court requested for a bench of five judges constitution for reserving its orders under the new laws that are raising concerns for using animals in such festivals. The bench will be headed by Dipak Misra, the Chief Justice of India, and others will

India Must Make Its Own Success Stories Similar To Google And Facebook

Jayant Sinha, State Civil Aviation’s Union Minister, this week urged entrepreneurs of India to develop services and products that will resolve the issue of our very own. India must generate its own achievement stories on the lines of worldwide behemoths such as Alibaba, Google, or Tencent, he claimed. “When we resolve problems of India, we will resolve problems of the world as well. We must solve the issues of our

Bitcoin Related Ponzi Schemes To be Axed By Sebi

Recently, SEBI announced that they will take a strict action on unauthorized initial Bitcoin proposals with a false promise of public investments and other virtual currencies amongst many such schemes in the absence of any regulatory regime. According to top officials, SEBI is not interested to take on the role of a regulator for such ‘trading’ which are at present being offered on many exchanges although are there being no

Breaking The Stereotypes, Kerala Women Turns To Snake Catcher

J R Raji, a 33-year-old woman from Nanniyode, a small village that comes under Palode of Western Ghats, excels in catching the venomous snakes with an ease. From deadly pythons to king Cobra, she handles them with aplomb, as she believes it to be a social service. As a woman, she never grew up thinking snake catching is a male passion but took it as her challenge and managed to