Now PlayStation Plus Prepaid Membership Card Accessible in India

PlayStation Plus, also dubbed as PS Plus, is a service of Sony that facilitates for online multiplayer, access to games, and cloud saves each month for a charge. Since the launch of PlayStation Store back in 2010 in India, one of the major aching remarks has been that Sony has not completely backed every payment mode existing, to the degree where not all credit and debit cards function on the

Direct Line Provides Tesla A 5% Incentive On Auto-Pilot

Direct Line, the largest motor insurer in Britain, is providing drivers of Tesla Inc. in Britain a discount of 5% for shifting on the autopilot system of the car. This move was done in order to encourage the use of a system that it expects will slash down on accidents. The decision, which was verified by the representatives of the company in response to media questions, is the only tie-up

RBS Shuts Additional 259 British Branches As It Shifts To E-Banking

British state-controlled RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) claimed last week that it will cut 680 jobs and close 259 branches as it lowers costs and heartens users to use mobile and online facilities. The newest round of closures at the Edinburgh-located bank puts 1,000 jobs at jeopardy, and a similar decision by Lloyds Banking Group this week claimed that it might end 49 branches. British banks are geared up to

Prince Harry's Engagement To His Partner Shows British Dominion Has Now Moved On From Scandals Of Times Of Yore

Recently, Harry, 5th-in-line to the British throne, declared he was to marry his lovely girlfriend, who has finally divorced, the U.S. actress Meghan Markle, with the love and blessing of his grandma, the queen. Prince Harry’s fiancée, the US actress Meghan Markle, is a divorced American artist. The proposal of a majestic marrying a divorced individual used to be unimaginable. Previously, Edward VIII had left his throne to get married

Emily Wilson the first woman to translates Homer’s “Odyssey”

The British classicist, Emily is considered to be the first woman to translate the ancient Greek hero “Odysseus” journey to return home in English. Odyssey is the story of a Greek warrior king, which depicts his 10-year failure attempt to return to his hometown from the war and about the wait of wife, Penelope. This epic and rhythmic Homer’s work was first translated in the 1615 by George in English.

Lifetime Achievement Award for Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond, the children’s author, was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award by the Chandigarh Literary Society on November 25, 2017. The award composed of a cash price of 2 Lakh. The children and their parents were very eager in asking questions to the author about the different novels that he had written and the inspirations that made him write such noteworthy short stories. When the author addressed the children, he said,

Nintendo Aims 25 Million Switch Consoles In 2018

Having earlier adjusted the first-year anticipations of Switch from 10–14 Million sales, Nintendo is believed to be seeking at a global tally of 25 Million and more for a 2nd year on the market. Mentioning sources with direct familiarity of production plans by Nintendo, the Wall Street Journal reports that a production target of 25–30 Million Switch units is being dispersed to business associates. “It is a home system that

DJI Claims It Is Looking For Security Flaws In Apps

SZ DJI Technology Co. Ltd., the Chinese manufacturer and largest civilian drone maker in the world, claimed last week that it was looking for security errors in its software used for controlling flights. This move came after coders discovered that its apps might be hot patched to avoid inspection by Alphabet Inc. and Apple Inc. “We have upgraded the apps to eliminate the suspect code,” spokesman for DJI, Adam Lisberg,

Sensex : Market Gets Support Due To Low Selling Of Foreign Investors

The Sensex climbed 1.1% on Thursday and the Nifty closed above some 10,000. Before the September quarter results of Reliance Industries, the stock gained 4% in the first place, which led to strong Sensex and Nifty. Selling has also come down on the part of foreign investors and the Rupee recovers. Market sentiment also improved due to these reasons. However, market analyst’s opinion is alienated on whether benchmark indices will


Firms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google can face EU regulations driving them to be more hands-on in pulling out illegal material if they do not do more to manage what is accessible on the Internet. The EU executive summarizes in draft guidelines about the ways Internet companies should boost efforts with steps such as taking voluntary steps to identify and eliminate illegal content and setting up trusted flaggers. The spread