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Tilray Shares Wild Fluctuations Halts Trade 5 Times On Wednesday

Marijuana stock Tilray saw dizzying heights up and down recently. Tilray’s stocks are facing volatile times. The medical marijuana company has announced on Tuesday that it has been approved by the Drug Enforcement Agency to export from Canada into the United State, its cannabinoid study drug. Wednesday saw wild swings up and down. Tilray shares which went up drastically gave up its surge upwards and turned into negative territory. It

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Continues To Move Slowly Towards Its End By 2019

It would be painful to see Windows Phone go by this year end. Microsoft has already admitted last year that it will no longer provide any new hardware system and features working on its Windows Operating System. Using this death sentence, the company will slowly lead Windows Phone towards its demise. Microsoft announced on Monday that it will not accept any new application submissions of Windows 8.0 and Windows 8.1

Chinese Apps Have Expanded Using This Technique

After selling a firm to Alibaba that he established in 2013, Forrest Chen needed to look further than China for his next business enterprise. India was one of the nations on his list of possible markets, which comprised the U.K., the U.S., Thailand, and Indonesia. “We rolled out NewsDog in 2015 in the U.S. and got 10,000 consumers but realized soon that withholding was bad due to so much rivalry,”

WhatsApp Is Developing Its Team In India

WhatsApp has told the government that it is developing a domestic team, which comprises hiring of India head. This comes as fraction of measures to check circulation of false news but has not met the major requirement of verifying message originators, as per official sources. The well-liked messaging app is below pressure over mistreatment of its platform for fake news circulation that has provoked mob fury. The IT ministry executive

Facebook Might Host Singing Contests In Near Future

Facebook might begin hosting singing contests amongst its consumers in the years to come. Consumers will be offered an option to choose a trendy song and then record a clip of them singing the song. The video then requires to be uploaded for evaluation. Facebook might even further permit to challenge other users and allow friends to host signing contests among themselves. On the other hand, this function will supposedly