Scientists Characterize Manufacture Procedure For Standardized Monoclonal Antibody

Scientists at the Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology (IBBR), the US, have put forth the first measure toward developing a technique for the manufacturing of a standardized mAb (monoclonal antibody). Zvi Kelman, the study author, states that by developing a means of making the antibody, known as NISTmAb, they could make the assessments that will delineate the production procedure. The mAbs are synthesized proteins that are developed to particularly attack

Study: HIV Infected People Are More Prone To Heart Diseases

As per a British study, People infected with HIV virus are more prone to have heart-related disorders compared to those who are not infected with the virus causing AIDS. The study has been performed on 153 nations also noticed that health-related disorders which are associated with HIV have increased 3 times in past 2 decades, as more number of individuals are surviving for a long time even after infected with

New Drug Combinations Make Cancer Therapies More Proficient With Less Adverse Effects

Mount Sinai researchers have found that some drug combinations can assist the targeted treatments to attack cancer more proficiently. At the same time, these treatment combinations minimize the frequent side effects as well. The recent study is available in the journal Cancer Research. The combinations might also assist hold back the ability of cancer to be more resistant to drugs. This treatment combination may attack cancer’s ability to develop itself

Researchers Discover Probably Active Substance Curing Hepatitis E

An international research team at the Department of Medical and Molecular Virology from Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) recently announced the discovery of a probable active substance. This substance has a capability to work against viruses in the naturally occurring substance silvestrol. Also, it can restrain the reproduction of pathogens in cell culture as well as in the mouse model. The recent research was led by Dr. Daniel Todt and Prof Dr.