New Wearable Sensor Tech To Assist Give Up Smoking

With the help of wearable sensor tech, scientists have designed an automatic alert system that might assist users to quit smoking by sending videos. The smartphone application, which is initially restricted to android-supported operating systems, automatically texts video messages that are 20–120 Seconds long to smokers when sensors notice particular body & arm motions related to smoking. “We have been capable of differentiating a single motion that can be confused

Now YouTube Dark Mode Released For Android Devices

YouTube dark mode is now being rolled out by Google for its Android users—a quarter following the release of this feature for its iOS devices users. Dark mode converts the interface all black and decreases stress on the eyes while exploring through the application, particularly at night. Initially, the feature was included last year to YouTube desktop, followed by iOS this year in March. The users of YouTube on Android

Facebook Launches Tool To Let Users Limit Their Social Media Usage

Facebook, which was effectively the harbinger for heavy social media usage in young and old demographics alike, causing them to occasionally miss their food and their life in general, has seemed to realize the ill effects of this addiction for their organization, and has promptly undertaken measures to ensure that its users are not exhausted by its continued usage. Although it can be argued that Facebook might be using this

Google Finally Declares VR-Ready Edition Of Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most broadly employed browsers all over devices and platforms. The firm has now declared a VR-ready edition of the browser for Lenovo’s Mirage Solo VR headsets and its Daydream VR. As per an official post on the firm’s blog, consumers can now open Chrome straightly from within the VR menu and use with web pages. “We have also included a few Daydream-particular functions such

Subscriptions And iPhone X Lead To Good Earnings For Apple

Sales of Apple Inc spearheaded by the costly iPhone X pushed quarterly earnings more than the Wall Street goals this week. This comes on the back of subscriptions from Apple Music, App Store, and iCloud services boosting the company’s business. The most valuable tech firm in the world also predicted income above expectations for the drop, when it characteristically rolls out new models for iPhone. This reassures an anxious tech