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AT&T And Time Warner Merger Challenged By Justice Department

The merger of AT&T with Time Warner has been criticized by the Justice Department. The Justice Department says “the approval provided by the federal court towards the merger was an erroneous one, where fundamental principles have been ignored”. This is the second time the government is trying to stop the merger. The appeal has been made to the US Court of Appeals. Earlier an attempt was made in June when

Kid-friendly Storytelling App From Amazon Now Works With Alexa And Is Free

Amazon Rapids, chat-style fiction app by Amazon, is now free. This gives kids and parents limitless access to a number of stories in its list. Earlier, the firm took a fee of $2.99 per month for that privilege. Some of these stories will also be accessible to listen to via Storytime mode of Alexa. This feature was rolled out last summer. Rapids made its entrance a couple of years ago

WhatsApp Is Developing Its Team In India

WhatsApp has told the government that it is developing a domestic team, which comprises hiring of India head. This comes as fraction of measures to check circulation of false news but has not met the major requirement of verifying message originators, as per official sources. The well-liked messaging app is below pressure over mistreatment of its platform for fake news circulation that has provoked mob fury. The IT ministry executive

Facebook Might Host Singing Contests In Near Future

Facebook might begin hosting singing contests amongst its consumers in the years to come. Consumers will be offered an option to choose a trendy song and then record a clip of them singing the song. The video then requires to be uploaded for evaluation. Facebook might even further permit to challenge other users and allow friends to host signing contests among themselves. On the other hand, this function will supposedly

Comcast Needs You To Use Your Handset Less

Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile has launched a 7-day challenge dubbed as “The Phone Cleanse.” This challenge is meant to make you more conscious of how you employ your handset. It further tries to sell you a switch to its network. The website offers simple pieces of advice that must be familiar to anybody who has attempted to streamline their handset’s contents and how it is utilized. Some of the advices comprise