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Amazon Plans Monetizing Its Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa has now walked a couple of miles into the market and has matured enough to let Amazon count on it for making some fortune. Davis Fildes who works as the Investor relations head of Amazon said in the quarterly meeting of the company that people love the devices of Amazon which are powered by Alexa. While explaining the impact of Alexa on the retail business of Amazon, he

Tesla’s Ex-Worker Blamed Of Hacking Looks For $1 Million In Counterclaim

A former employee of Tesla Inc. in Nevada at the firm’s battery plant is looking for minimum $1 Million in defamation damages. This comes after the firm blamed him of hacking into computers, sabotage, and stealing confidential data leaked to the media.  Martin Tripp’s lawyers filed a counterclaim in the court late last week blaming that any damages the firm incurred were contributed to or caused by Tesla’s own acts,

Hound Labs Has Created The First Ever Marijuana Breathalyzer Test Kit

As stated by a California-based company that they have come up with the first ever marijuana breathalyzer test that can easily be used by the defense department to find out whether the drivers are high on drugs. As there are many instances in which a lot of nations had legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal and recovery purpose, the defense officials reported a lot of cases of individuals driving

A Group Of 11 Co-Workers From California Won Lottery Pool Worth $543M

On Friday, The California Lottery said, “A horde of co-workers from California who came together to play the whim lottery and won the prize worth rupees $543M which is the Mega Million jackpot amount, reported to be the biggest prize in the history on a ticket of a single state.” As said by the Lottery on Friday in a news release, “A group of 11 workers who are employed in

Facebook Starts Testing Its Own Dating Project

In an attempt to take on mobile dating applications such as Bumble and Tinder, Facebook has started testing its dating project with workers internally. As per a media report, Jane Manchun Wong (an independent app researcher) discovered evidence of the testing for dating functionality and posted it on Twitter. “This service is for Facebook employees in the U.S. who have chosen to test new dating product of Facebook. The purpose