Now PlayStation Plus Prepaid Membership Card Accessible in India

PlayStation Plus, also dubbed as PS Plus, is a service of Sony that facilitates for online multiplayer, access to games, and cloud saves each month for a charge. Since the launch of PlayStation Store back in 2010 in India, one of the major aching remarks has been that Sony has not completely backed every payment mode existing, to the degree where not all credit and debit cards function on the

“The Womb And The Sprout” An Exhibition By The Kashmiri Artist Rajendra Tiku

The Kashmiri artist Rajendra Tiku displays the longing of staying away from home of the warriors or other common people in his magnificent exhibition at gallery Threshold in the capital of India (Delhi). “The Womb and The Sprout” was treasured with creative craftsmanship in the form of elegant artifacts in large bronze boxes. The exhibition ended with a great set of spectators and satisfying art presentation. One of the beautiful

#ME TOO Social Campaign Takes It To The Times Magazine And Breaks The “SILENCE”

The #MeToo social media campaign made it to the Person of the Year 2017 of Time’s Magazine. The recent on-going social media movement to stand against injustice and sexual harassment #MeToo, the two simple words made the renowned Times to recognize the “Silence Breakers” (both men and women) as the heroic people for their magazine and the world. During the past two months, the magazine approached the people who participated

To A Grand Welcome in Mumbai, Miss World Manushi Chillar Arrives At Mumbai

Manushi Chillar, the Miss World 2017, landed in India on Sunday morning. She received a grand welcome when she landed at the airport. By winning the Miss World title, Manushi is the sixth Indian girl. Manushi flew in the British Airways landing at Mumbai’s International Airport. At the airport, the beautiful Miss World was received by an enormous crowd who was proud of the young talented girl. The crowd was

All Hell Broke Loose, When She Was Asked To Stop Smoking On Plane

The Southwest Airlines said it had all started with a cigarette. On Saturday, somewhere between Portland and Sacramento, a passenger was smoking in the washroom, said the airlines. The passenger had gone too far and was detected by the smoke detector present in the airlines. A flight attendant barged in on the woman, stated the airlines. The attendant managed to get her out of the washroom, but it did not

Bandagi Kalra Clarifies That Her Relationship With Puneesh Is Genuine, Post Eviction

Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra’s romance inside the Big Boss house also couldn’t save Bandagi from the eviction. Bandagi’s equation with Puneesh was questioned time and again when she was inside the house. Although, Bandagi wasn’t a controversial person in the house like others. For Bandagi, her elimination gave her a shock. She expressed her feelings post-eviction from the Big Boss house. Bandagi said, “I did not expect I would

Sheraton Hyderabad Invites For Pan Asian International Food Festival

The International Food Festival organized at Sheraton Hotel, Hyderabad, invites the entire connoisseur to taste the pan Asian cuisine by Chef Kuan Lai. Block your dates from now till 30 November and dine at Zega in Sheraton. The food festival will experiment with an assortment of flavors while making the dishes appealing with Chef Kuan Lai’s culinary skills. The menu is designed for foodies specifically categorized as veg and non-veg

Kuldip Singh Creates Urban India With Its Traditional Attire

Kuldip Singh, the modernist architect residing in Delhi has preserved the largest and ancient Thanjavur painting collection, making his very own and private collection public. Mr. Singh is well-known for his contemporary architectural work like the majestic pyramidal shaped building in Delhi, Palika Kendra and other urban projects. His artistic ideas flow and build to become an exceptional architectural model. This is just one corporate and professional side of Singh’s

Tim Cook Views Added Value To The China’s World Internet Conference

In the China’s World Internet Conference, Tim Cook expressed his views which focused on security, privacy, and humanity. Tim Cook is the CEO of the popular organization, Apple. He was appointed as CEO in the year 2011 when Steve Jobs stepped down from his position owing to bad health. The Cyberspace Administration of China organized the World Internet Conference. The main aim of this conference was to endorse the country’s

The Crisp Packet Being Used As 'Faraday Cage'

An employee in Australia was dismissed from his job as he concealed his whereabouts to his employer. He played golf during the working hours and in order that no one should know about his location, he made use of the old scientific discovery. The 60-year-old man, Tom Colella, who was an electrician was dismissed from his job after the firm where he was working got an anonymous letter in which