Magnificent Stupid Thought: Prime Minister On The Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi's "Gabbar Singh" Taunt On GST

PM Narendra Modi carried out his confutation to Congress VP Rahul Gandhi’s regular branding of latest national tax GST as the so-called “Gabbar Singh Tax,” stating those who plundered the country can only think of robbers or dacoits. Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not call out the name of Mr. Rahul Gandhi in his appraisal of the Congress leader’s place on the Services and Goods Tax started in the month

Ram Temple Ayodhya

The Rajya Sabha MP stated for electoral victory, “It is necessary that the philosophy of Hindutva is by no means lost”. Leading BJP leader Subramanian Swamy few days back said, “Creation of the planned Ram temple in Ayodhya will begin soon and it will be all set to get disciples by coming Diwali.” Obstacles in the way of the planned Ram temple are being detached, Subramanian Swamy stated without intimating.