Emily Wilson the first woman to translates Homer’s “Odyssey”

The British classicist, Emily is considered to be the first woman to translate the ancient Greek hero “Odysseus” journey to return home in English. Odyssey is the story of a Greek warrior king, which depicts his 10-year failure attempt to return to his hometown from the war and about the wait of wife, Penelope. This epic and rhythmic Homer’s work was first translated in the 1615 by George in English.

Rural Engine Fuels Aadhaar-Supported Pay

The AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payments System) might be at the vanguard of elevating financial insertion in rural India. This move is done taking a signal from the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) that is boosting peer to peer and small-value settlements over the platform of smartphone. Details shared by the nodal organization for digital transactions in India, the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), show that AEPS has increased to Rs

Dating Websites Cannot Find You Your Ideal Soul Mate

Dating websites that state to discover your soul mate utilizing computer investigation might not actually work, say researchers who discovered that artificial intelligence can just guess who is more attractive, more willingly than the ideal match. Scientists discovered that it was possible to guess the general inclination for someone to be liked by others or to like utilizing computer examination, but it was not possible to say as to which

Facebook Evidence

A family court in the Jodhpur void the child matrimony of a woman, now 19-year-old will be considered, following a non-governmental association produced proof from the Facebook account of the man with whom she was wedded. Kriti Bharti, managing trustee of Sarathi trust, said Sushila, a resident of Barmer region, she was wedded at the age of 12 in 2010 to Naresh of Bisalpur village located in Jodhpur. The officially


Abbott came to the conclusion that it will stop the sales of its bioresorbable coronary stent from the Indian markets. The decision was confirmed by National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), the drug pricing supervisory body. The move comes in owing to low sales in the commercial segment. The move also comes despite various regulatory bodies from diverse nations inspecting the scaffolds that are utilized for life-saving medical procedures, in case


The medical device firm Medtronic, based in Dublin, is temporarily recalling definite lots of its MiniMed infusion sets utilized through all form of its insulin pumps around the globe, comprising 5,000 sets from India. The recalls are associated with a component issue that could low down the blood sugar level in patients, as per the company. The infusion sets of Medtronics are used to deliver insulin through the pump to