UAE Gets Ready For A Spy Empire

The USA is stretching its hands of assistance in order to fulfill the dream of the UAE to build a top-notch spycraft agency. The Spycraft Empire is constructed near the northeastern Zayed Port, Abu Dhabi. The Emiratis will be bestowed with the strategic steps from the westerners that will help succeed in the latest endeavors. The USA’s intelligence officials are teaching the appropriate methods of getting a firm hold on

Trump May Soon Witness Tax Victory

President Trump is close to experiencing his first big legislative victory after almost a year since he took charge. While the House of Representatives voted in favor of $1.5 trillion tax cuts to clear off deficits, a last minute hitch owing to the parliamentary rules has led to the voting in the lower chamber on the revised proposal yet again. It is for the first time in 3 decades that

Gratuity Rules To Be Changed...Bill Tabled In Parliament

The Government Of India tabled the Payment of Gratuity (Amendment) Bill 2017 amid chaos in the parliament. All the employees working in mines, plantations, oil fields, factories, shops, railways, ports or other establishments come under the purview of the Gratuity act, if they have been in service continuously for at least 5 years in an organization having 10 or more employees. While currently the maternity leave for female employees is

Donald Trump to Put an End to Visa Lottery and Chain Migration

Trump made a strong statement regarding the Visa Lottery and Chain Migration system. He stated that the world will soon be witnessing the stronger US, as never before. He is about to end the diversity visa lottery and chain migration. He also mentioned about the Bangladeshi terrorist AkayedUllah, who was responsible for the latest attacks. He believes that the visa lottery system gives leverage to the people who are not

Supreme Court Challenges Tamil Nadu Laws For Allowing Bull Taming

The SC (Supreme Court) challenged the laws of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu government for “Jallikattu,” the bull-taming sport for Bullock Cart Racing festival. On Tuesday, the apex court requested for a bench of five judges constitution for reserving its orders under the new laws that are raising concerns for using animals in such festivals. The bench will be headed by Dipak Misra, the Chief Justice of India, and others will

Bitcoin Related Ponzi Schemes To be Axed By Sebi

Recently, SEBI announced that they will take a strict action on unauthorized initial Bitcoin proposals with a false promise of public investments and other virtual currencies amongst many such schemes in the absence of any regulatory regime. According to top officials, SEBI is not interested to take on the role of a regulator for such ‘trading’ which are at present being offered on many exchanges although are there being no

Irish Startup Assists Local Shops Fight With Online Behemoths

A Dublin-located company with supporters from Silicon Valley, Pointy, is resolving the issue of how to make it simpler for users to find goods that they need close to house. This is done as shopping online becomes simpler but locating what you need locally stays hard to pin down. “Somebody can just walk down the way and pick up a product, but that data is just exasperatingly hard to locate,”

Study Say Reversal Attempts At Global Warming Reversal Can Have Intense Effects

A study discovered that suggestions to decrease the global warming effects by reproducing volcanic eruptions can have a shattering impact on global areas prone to either prolonged drought or tumultuous storms. However, geoengineering has been proposed as a likely way to cope with climate variation. Geoengineering is the deliberate handling of the climate to balance the influence of global warming by introducing aerosols into the atmosphere artificially. However, a new

Sundar Pichai Makes Sturdy Case For Return Of Google To China

Sundar Pichai, the India-born CEO of Google, this week made a sturdy case for the return of search giant to China, claiming it is already assisting firms of China receive worldwide access. Google was closed down in 2010 in China following an argument with the government over policies for censorship. Ever since then Gmail, Google, and its other products including YouTube are barred in the second biggest economy of the

The Harassment Policy Offered By Facebook As A Guide For Tech Companies

The internal sexual harassment policy of Facebook will be made public, comprising a strongly articulated clause that guards workers who report misbehavior. Facebook is providing its US policy to its Silicon Valley neighbors as a model. It covers off-sites and client happenings, work-related social happenings. It consists of obligatory sexual harassment teaching for managers and summaries an investigation method that guards workers from adverse outcomes. One clause states that workers